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Leading dedicated offshore wind vessel operator 


Cyan is focused solely on supporting the development of offshore wind farms through a targeted portfolio of offshore wind vessels which includes CLV, SOV and WTIV. By integrating innovative solutions with years of maritime experience globally, we strive to provide our clients with reliable, efficient and best-in-class services.

Trusted Capex Partner for Offshore Wind Vessels Operators

With a collective goal towards accelerating green energy transition, Cyan believes that this can only be achieved through collaborative effort amongst offshore wind vessels operators.  As a trusted CAPEX partner of choice, we aimed to provide the support needed for offshore wind vessels operators to grow incrementally without front loading their equity into newbuilding (eg. CLV, SOV or WTIV). Our principal investment strategy is investing directly, wholly or partially, in a diversified portfolio of sustainable long-term value-accretive wind farm support vessels.

Launch pad for our partners into hard-to-abate offshore wind markets

With our years of experience operating offshore vessels in countries with strong local content, Cyan has the local know-how to open doors for our partners. We are able to provide the necessary platform, consultancy services, facilitation and interfacing with the local parties, thereby reducing operating risks for our partners.

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