Ocean Infinity and Cyan Renewables form technology partnership to advance offshore wind projects in the Asia-Pacific region



Cyan Renewables, a portfolio company of Seraya Partners, joins forces with Ocean Infinity to incorporate innovative robotic technology to transform offshore wind operations in the Asia Pacific.

21 May 2024, Singapore: Ocean Infinity and Cyan Renewables signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalise their commitment to collaborate on the provision of offshore geophysical and geotechnical surveys, as well as Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspections and consultancy services for offshore wind projects across the Asia-Pacific region.

Ocean Infinity, a pioneering marine robotics company, has developed a range of technologies to transform operations at sea, enabling people and the planet to thrive. Known for its innovative use of underwater technology, advanced data analytics and its large fleet of remotely operable ships, Ocean Infinity is paving the way in marine robotics and geo-data acquisition and has been delivering unique seabed intelligence to clients globally.

By partnering with Cyan Renewables, Asia's leading offshore wind vessel operator, whose mission is to bolster the offshore wind sector's expansion and support the industry’s transition from blue to green, both companies aim to provide comprehensive marine information services for offshore renewables projects in the Asia-Pacific region. With Cyan Renewables' extensive local networks across Asia, Ocean Infinity's technology-enabled lean-crewed marine data services can be widely adopted to accelerate the expansion of the offshore wind industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

Maxime Even, Commercial Director at Ocean Infinity, said: “Teaming up with Cyan Renewables means we can turbocharge our efforts in the Asia-Pacific region, bringing our cutting-edge marine tech to the forefront of offshore wind projects. It's all about pushing boundaries by bringing in new tech and leaving a lasting impact with better results for end clients.”

Lee Keng Lin, CEO at Cyan Renewables, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Ocean Infinity in Asia Pacific. Remote technology will transform operations at sea and play a key role in the shipping industry’s path towards net zero. Through this partnership, we hope to continue contributing to the development of offshore wind as well as zero-emission shipping in the region.”

James Chern, Chairman, Cyan Renewables, and Chief Investment Officer, Seraya Partners, said: “Cyan Renewables’ partnership with Ocean Infinity reflects our shared commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the renewable energy sector. By harnessing Ocean Infinity's innovative marine robotics technology alongside Cyan Renewables' sector expertise and network, we are confident in the positive impact this collaboration will have on advancing offshore wind initiatives in Asia and contributing to a greener future.”

The collaboration coincides with the visit of Ocean Infinity's lean-crewed ship, Armada 7804, to Singapore in mid-May, further underlining the strategic significance of the partnership. The Armada 7804 is set to drydock in Singapore with a planned stay of three weeks, after which it will begin its commercial projects in the Asia-Pacific region. Serving as a versatile vessel for both geophysical and shallow geotechnical surveys, the Armada 7804 caters to site investigation needs for offshore renewable energy as well as oil and gas ventures.

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(Source: Cyan Renewables | LinkedIn Post | All News)